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Academicians Discussed the Cooperation and Development of Straits Fisheries  0

In recent years, the aquatic products trade between Taiwan and Fujian strengthened increasingly; small-scale trade and bulk trade increase fast; about 70% aquatic products of Taiwan are from the mainland; while the 70% aquatic products of mainland are from Fujian. Shen Da , General Officer of Taiwan Frozen Food Industry Institute argued that he was confident with the Fujian-Taiwan fishery trade and believed that along with the deepening of the communications of the straits , the aquatic products trade would increase correspondingly when he was interviewed on 19th, September.
19th, September, the Cross-Strait Fishery Economic Cooperation and Development Forum was held in Fuzhou. Academicians, entrepreneurs, executive administration departments, and professional brothers totally 300 representatives gathered together to give advice on strengthening cooperation of the two sides of the straits and promoting development of fisheries. As Mr. Shen Da, the chief speaker was confident with the development of cross-strait fisheries and he held that there was good foundation for cooperation of the straits and win-win could be achieved through mutual support of relative advantages.

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