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Korea Aquatic Products Association visited Xiamen Gaoqi-Mintai Fishing Ship Harbor Shelter and Hedging Center  0

In the afternoon of August 28th, Xiamen Gaoqi Fishing Port Hedging Center accepted the first overseas customers after its completion-Korea Aquatic Products Association Central Branch.

Korea Aquatic Products Association Central Branch is the non-governmental agency subordinated to Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Korea (short for Korea Aquatic Products Association) as well as one of the great four non-governmental economic groups; it has great world influence in fishing, aquatic products breeding, processing and sales; at present, it has 92 member units (cooperative).

Korea customers visited the center and inquired the work and experiences of Xiamen Oceanic Association on and marine traditional fishing, marine environment protection, oceanic entertainment fishing, breeding industry, aquatic products export and import.

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