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Xiamen Fujian will build the largest marine products trade market  0

The reporter got news from Xiang’an district, Xiamen City that the district would build the largest marine products trade market in Oucuo harbor shelter; simultaneously, it would construct Xiamen-Taiwan fishing base to cooperate with Taiwan on fishing view industry by integrating local marine product resources.

The Oucuo harbor shelter project which covers 60 hectares was launched in October of last year. After the project is completed, it will be the shelter integrate docking, travel, entertainment these functions ; meanwhile, it can satisfy the docking requirements of two marine surveillance ships(3000 tons and 1500tons).

According to the introduction, combining the characteristics that Xiang’an is rich in marine products, in future, the related departments will construct a Xiamen-Taiwan fishery base covering about 200 thousand square meters to cooperate with Taiwan on developing fishing view industry.

In addition, Oucuo harbor shelter project will also build the largest marine products trade market to drive development of the marine fishing industry, freezing and stock , logistics these industry chains; simultaneously, combing the local marine product resources, making use of the surrounding c land, it will construct marine food stall, entertainment fishing village to develop food industry. At the same time, Oucuo will build Amphioxus Museum and Amphioxus Club by cooperating with the 3rd Marine Research Institute of State Oceanic Administration.

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