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You Quan and Su Shulin visited the Seaquarium  0
  June 17th, the 4th World Fujian Merchants Conference, the 3rd Private Enterprises Industrial Project Discussion, the 4th China •Straits Project Results Exchange Conference were held in Fujian.
Accompanied by director-general Wu Nanxiang, Wang Qinmin, vice chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, You Quan, secretary-general of provincial committee, Su Shulin, provincial governor visited the Seaquarium.
This year, State Oceanic Administration and the provincial people’s government built the Seaquarium together; with topic of “developing oceanic economic and constructing powerful oceanic province”, following requirements of “re-mobilizing, emphasizing projects, building brands and promoting innovation” by managing vice provincial governor Zhang Zhinan and 5 specific requirements about “emphasizing projects” put forward at “ accelerating oceanic economy development promotion meeting”; with 6·18 as platform, the exchange conference seaquarium will focus on commonality of state oceanic industry and key overcrossing and technological innovation of key technology, it will display high level results of national oceanic industry, oceanic technology, oceanic comprehensive administration fields etc., and propaganda the achievements of oceanic economy development, strength and policies and put up trade platform for butt joint of project achievements to promote optimization and upgrading of national oceanic industry structure and scientific development and spanning development through Fujian oceanic development outline, oceanic biological pharmaceutical products, oceanic ecological environment protection ,oceanic survey monitoring, oceanic energy and sea water development and application, oceanic rights safeguard , oceanic fisheries and communication equipment these great ten boards.  
The layout of the exhibition hall is splendid and colorful, there are 3.6m long and 1.7m high aquarium, the sand map and No. flood dragon model of state oceanic administration island research center, solar energy ship model, sea water desalinator these objects; especially the 13m long and 4m wide grey whale specimen at the right central of the hall is extremely attractive. The exhibition is not only a view feast, but also popularizes oceanic biology knowledge for visitors and spreads out the power of oceanic environment protection.
Editor : Liu Zhen
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