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Wu Nanxiang delivered a speech at the 5th Straits Forum •Cross-Strait  0
Oceanic Technology Symposia
June 15th, the 5th Straits Forum• 2013 Straits Technology Experts Forum Cross-Strait Oceanic Technology Symposia & the 5th Oceanic Environment Monitoring and Forecast Technology Symposia was held in Xiamen University.  Lei Bo, director of Science &Technology Department of State Oceanic Administration, Li Guanghua, vice president of Taiwan Central University, Wu Nanxiang, director-general of Fujian Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries presented speeches at the conference.
 Near a hundred experts and scholars from the two-sides of the straits participated in the discussion; there were 18 academic reports totally and the conference lasted for two days.
Su Shulin Investigated The Oceanic Research Work
June 16th, provincial governor, Su Shulin investigated the 3rd Institute of State Oceanic Administration and Jimei University. Liu Keqing, mayor of Xiamen, Wu Nanxiang, department of the Department of Ocean and Fisheries went with him.
Su Shulin argues that the key to accelerate oceanic economic development lies in innovation and driving of oceanic technology and the oceanic technology input should be increased to drive scientific research a batch of industrialization potential, and then converts the results to productivity, improves the core competition of the oceanic industry and accelerated the development of oceanic economy.
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