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1. Booth charge:


Standard booth(3m×3m)

Angled standard booth(3m×3m)

Bare floor
(>36 m2)

Foreign-owned enterprise

2000 USD/per each

2200 USD/per each

200 USD/sqm

Note: Standard booth contains one architrave. Two spot lights, one talk table, two chairs, one electrical socket (400W/220V) , exhibitor ordering bare floor should be self-charged all costs for exhibition layout (see, Exhibitor Manual).

2. New products and technology release exhibit: 9800yuan/two hours.

3. Journal advertisement:

Gate fold

Front second page

Front third page

Bottom page

Color text page

Black and white text page

Text introduction

RMB 18,000 Yuan

RMB 10,000 Yuan

RMB 8,000 Yuan

RMB 12,000 Yuan

RMB 5,000Yuan/page

3,000 RMB Yuan page


Note: page specification: 285mm×210mm, imported copperplate paper, 4-color precise print, the exhibitor needing fair publication should post Advertisement Film to the exhibition fair entrepreneur by April 5th.

4. Other advertisement:

Visiting ticket


Floating balloon

Vertical breadth

Color bow door

Hand bag

RMB 6,000Yuan/10,000 tickets

RMB 8,000 Yuan /10,000 tickets

RMB 2,500Yuan/per each

RMB 3,000Yuan/piece

RMB 4,000/door

RMB 9,000 Yuan /1,000bags

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