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China International (Xiamen) Seafood Expo is organized by Xiamen Sino-show Century Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd.; from the 1st to 11th, it has been 11 years. Xiamen Sino-show Century Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a standing director unit of Fujian Fisheries Industry Association, director unit of Fujian Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association and member unit Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Industry Association; we are of resource advantage endowed by nature in holding fisheries expo.

In the 9th Seafood Expo of 2014, the association sent visit invitation letters to various fisheries associations and fisheries departments who found association hall, fisheries representative halls of various provinces and halls with distinguished features to support the expo, which added “national “feature for the expo; representative of various aquatic products gathered in Xiamen to add luster for Xiamen Seafood Expo.

Xiamen Sino-Show Century has organized the fisheries expo from the 1st to the 9th and is of rich professional experience and resources and has a number of dedicated backbone cables of rich and professional experience. From the 1st “single spark” to the largest fisheries expo in south China, our employees do the expo greater and larger from nothing and from having to better to one of the best fisheries expo platform in the county with rich service experience.

With am of providing professional exhibition service, Xiamen Sino-show Century Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. strives to bring maximum exhibition benefit to every exhibitor and professional audience and strives to promote trading parties to enter into agreement; meanwhile, it strives to drive the expo to develop towards “international seafood expo”.

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